Total Cost:

In Person: $900 (all paid up front)

$1100 (if broken into two payments of $550) second payment incurs the third week into the program.

Online only: $500




12 Week back to school multi-sport athlete fall training




This program is designed to keep you healthy, by enhancing your range of motion, power, strength, quickness, conditioning, and several other qualities that are required for most sports. We can all agree that the best athletes are the healthiest. This program will maintain/improve your health while enhancing your speed, power, strength, conditioning, and mobility. The program prioritizes quality over quantity by selecting the exercises and associated sets and reps very carefully for the best results. Doing the exercises incorrectly will defeat the purpose and you will not receive the desired result and adaptation. Quality over Quantity always.


Where do I access this program?

Whether you purchase the 12 week online training or the in person 12 week plan, after you purchase the program, you will be emailed within 24 hours to access your injuries and goals to set a personal program. 


I just bought the program, and am confused about the structure of it?

In Person Training:

We will start with a full body warm up with full muscle activation. Bring plenty or water and an open mind. You will be evaluated on your first session to see where your fitness is and where you will need to build strength, agility, and flexibility. Your program will consist of strength training, conditioning, power circuits, lateral speed, and plyometrics in a safe and controlled environment. 

Online Training:

Starting with foam rolling and jump rope or another strength based cardio constitutes our warm up. This should be completed 1 time through. Throughout the 12 week program, you will work your way through mobility work that will strengthen your fascia and allow your body to open up to adapt to new body weight strength. Once your body can handle the new load, each week will further your strength, power, and speed by using isometric training integrated with power movements to create power circuits. Examples include: supersets of 2-3 exercises with 3-4 circuits to build strength and strength endurance.  You will get a weekly program update and 1 weekly overview of the details and how to complete the exercises. 


How does the program finish each day, do I condition, do I stretch afterwards?

We have included conditioning and mobility work every day that we highly recommend you complete. If you have time to stretch after, simply follow the Warm Up protocol provided at the beginning of the workout.


How are Phases 1, 2 and 3 Different?

Phase 1 is what we would call an activation phase. It includes more volume and less intensity and gives you an opportunity to acclimate and adapt to our programming. Phase 2 has a Strength emphasis and Phase 3 has a Power emphasis. 


If I have any questions, or need help, who can I reach out to?

Email us at