Thinking Feet Mobilization Kit


Thinking Feet Mobilization Kit


Strengthen your ankles and feet with the Thinking Feet Mobilization Kit, complete with a set of wobble boards and wooden body balls.

  • STRENGTHEN JOINTS: Wobble boards allow you to move through different motions to open up your ankle joints and strength your imbalances.
  • RELEASE MUSCLES: Combined with the natural wooden body balls, you can massage out trigger points in your body to flush out scar tissue and build up in your muscles and joint areas. 
  • IMPROVE BALANCE: Strengthen your balance muscles, ankles and core.
  • SKILL LEVEL: Ideal to improve balance for a variety of people. The challenge level of this product depends on your overall fitness level and experience using a balance wobble board.
  • MADE FROM WOOD: Rounded edges. Strong and durable balanced mobilization kit.
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