OUR History

Thinking feet Track Club was originally founded in 2014. It originally operated as a training philosophy and system developed several years beforehand. TFTC is different because it is the only elite/emerging elite jumps camp in America. This club was designed to give back to a sport an event that gave me so much. 

Thinking Feet Track Club (TFTC) located in sunny Nashville, TN is a nontraditional cutting edge contemporary training system designed to bring you back to the basics and build the foundation you need to be the incredible athlete you are. So many athletes have the drive, passion and talent but lack the fundamentals to stay healthy and progress in their training.  It's time to invest in yourself and your future training in an environment where you can grow as an athlete and competitor. Here, you will get a full understanding of plyometrics, preventative training, overall knowledge of jumping, and the support system of a devoted training group to push you to your full potential. 

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behind the name

The name thinking feet is fairly simple. "In any sport, your feet dominate what you do."I encourage my athletes to have Thinking Feet and a Dancing Mind. I believe that consistent repetition and emphasis is the only way to go. Like in dancing you first learn the steps, followed by countless hours rehearsing them. This repetitive training allows for unconscious execution when the big show and lights come on.


Our Mission -  Living as a revolution and not just a process of evolution

TFTC is proposing something that has never been done before - a base where all athletes especially jumpers can come and further develop their skills and athleticism. As a leader in talent identification, innovative training programs, and planning to ensure performance when it matters, we can be mighty.  As a developer of talent TFTC always ask the basic questions: Who are the top 14-18yr olds? Where are they training? What are they Doing? What are they eating and supplementing? I firmly believe that if we put our best up and coming youth and collegiate-elite into structured training along with proper supplementation, nutrition, strength training, and psychological coaching the sky is the limit.


Kentã Bell is the Founder and Head Coach of Thinking Feet Track Club. He is a two time USA Olympian (2004, 2008) in the Triple Jump, a two time World Championships Finalist (2003, 2005) and the 2001 Gold medalist at the World Student Games in Beijing, China.

His PR is an impressive 17.63m and he is also the 2003 & 2010 USA National Champion. By then, he was ranked as one of America’s top ten triple jumpers in each of the past nine years. 

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Kentã has also written several articles on jumping and overall athletic development including Ballistic Power for Better Athletic Performance, Advanced Plyometrics for Jump and Sprint Training and many more. Since retiring from Track and Field in 2011, he has since turned his passion to developing athletic talent from the grassroots to the elite level, spreading his vast knowledge base to those who show desire to learn and challenge traditional thinking.

As in any sport, your feet DOMINATE what you do
— Anon